Halloween Fun Starts Now

Halloween Fun Starts Now 20Oct

With Halloween just around the corner, we cannot help, but feel festive!

It is a holiday that your little one will grow up looking forward to. And having in mind that toddlerhood is a period in which many milestones are experienced, it is vital that you include the tiny, already demanding for independence pumpkin, in various activities, which will allow him to explore and grow his different cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills. 

DIY-ing your spooky attire is an excellent way to start your series of pre-Halloween festivities. 

Here are some ideas.

1. "Weather forecast" is a charming but easy-to-hand-make mommy/daddy and baby matching costume. No excessive sewing and designing skills are required for it, just you, your toddler, and a bunch of material you can find at home.

Source: Auburn Artisan

If you have a toddler, you can play pretend shopping around the house for cotton, glue, tape, cardboard, and pencils or crayons, and get to work. You can handle the cutting and glueing while your toddler enjoys the painting of the rainbow.


2. "Milk & Cookie" is an all-time classic that never goes out of trend. The combination also makes a fun-to-recreate Halloween set.

Source: HGTV

You will need cardboard - lots of it, tape, ribbon, and markers. Assemble the materials together, and again, have fun while doing so. The costume can be interpreted in ways you find suitable. For instance, if you, by any chance, don't like cookies, you can turn the cardboard into a tea biscuit. And if milk is not your cup of tea... well, then swap it for tea, juice, or coffee.


3. "Bring the 80’s back" - This will be fun and cute altogether! It’s easy and quick to whip up.

Source: Oflifeandtoddlers


Prepare the 80’s playlist jam and dance through trick and treating – surely, your little one will get lots of aww, smiles and treats, especially from those who get nostalgic from their fun 80’s life.


Halloween is all about having fun and making memories - that includes whining and tantrums, you know what we mean moms and dads! So, whatever the outcome will be, disaster costumes, impatient toddler or something else, remember, all these are part of the experience and memories that you and the whole family will talk about in the years to come.


Home-making decorations for the holiday is another way to engage your curious toddler in brain-developing seasonal activities.

Here are some Halloween decorations that you and your little can do together:


A. Sweet candy wreath

Source: NewlyWedSurvival

Candy wreaths are fun to make and can indeed save you from a trick if you miss the doorbell ringing. All you need is a wire clothes hanger, lots of ribbon – have at least one standard roll on hand, and wrapped candy, such as Werther's Originals, Tootsie rolls, or Peppermint Starlight Mints.

Bend the hanger into a circle and then start tying the candy to it. It will keep your toddler occupied for a long time. And, of course, you can experiment. You can add other items to the wreath, too - glitter, autumn leaves, you name it. You can turn this into a family tradition and make a new one each year. 


B. Open a Halloween hotel

Source: etsy.com


Invite all vampires, zombies, and monsters into a haunted Halloween hotel. Use an old shoebox as the base. Then, cut a door and some windows from paper, and decorate in celebration of the holiday. If you have extra free time, you can glue a few candies on skewers and stick them in styrofoam to create a freakish candy garden as an attraction to your hotel. Your little one will definitely enjoy that! After that, place the hotel somewhere where all the members of your family can appreciate it.


C. Invite a friendly ghost at home

Source: modernparentsmessykids.com

These easy DIY levitating ghosts are fun, definitely spooky and will surely add Halloween flavoring to your living room. Use up those leftover birthday party balloons, place them in an empty plastic bottle and cover them with white cloths. Ask your toddler to draw the eyes, assemble them together and ta-da, your ghosts are ready.

It is a simple craft, but it sure is an original, kids-and-budget-friendly way to decorate around.


Playtime is key for developing a thriving brain, especially if you bring in some learning into it. The following Halloween-themed games have some knowledge sneaked into them and, at the same time, are perfect for building up anticipation for the holiday.


D. Feed the hungry monster

Source: SimpleEverydayMom

This game can be very appropriate if you are dealing with a picky eater.

Use a paper plate and cut a circle inside it. The circle should be wide enough for a spoon to go through. Decorate it together and then pretend play dinnertime.

Take a moment to teach your little one about the different types of food and how they are all important.


2. Knockdown the ghost

Source: remodelaholic.com


This activity is a Halloween interpretation of the well-known festival game "Knock Down the Cups".

What you will need is a pack of disposable cups and a marker. Use the marker to draw wicked ghost faces on them. Line them up and you’re ready to aim and knock them down! You can organize a family contest and even prepare a special price for the one who knocks down most of the ghosts.


3. Zombie chase

Print a bunch of zombie images and hide them in reachable places - under the bed, inside the lowest kitchen drawers, in the washing machine, etc. Then task your toddler with the mission to find them.

This activity is suitable for older kids, too, as you can control the level of complexity by making a map and writing clues.


It's good to have something to snack on in between all the fun, right? So those Halloween-y finger foods are just about perfect for the occasion.


1. Assemble a fruit platter

Source: iheartnaptime.net


The combination of chocolate-y ghostnanas and mandarin orange pumpkins is a healthy and simple to throw-together snack. Consider including your toddler into the making. Kids love to take part in activities that are strictly for grown-ups.


2. Monstrous sandwiches

Source: peasandcrayons.com

Turn your kitchen table into a Halloween-themed sandwich workshop. Layout your favorite ingredients and use the bread slices as the canvas. Encourage your little one to use his imagination and prepare lunch for the family.


3. Mummies in a blanket

Source: delish.com


This one is a bit more time-consuming as the oven is included, but guarantee, your kid will love the treat, so it is all worth it.

Purchase your favorite type of sausages and some puff pastry. Next, cut the pastry in diagonals and allow your toddler to wrap the sausages mummy-style. Serve with some ketchup for dipping and enjoy the meal together. 


Every moment counts

Family time are special memories that will be treasured forever, doesn’t matter how simple or grand it is.

And seasonal activities give opportunity to make playtime a tad more exciting and educating, which contributes to children’s sensory-motor, cognitive and emotional skills. Of course, this is of great significance, but what is even more important is the bonding time spent together as a family.

As your kid grows every year, the holiday will look different. So, make sure each following one is a tiny bit more special than the previous one.

How do you celebrate Halloween in your home? Share with us in the comment below! ????