Creative and fun photoshoot ideas for baby at home

Creative and fun photoshoot ideas for baby at home 27Apr

When a baby is finally born, one of the first things that we do is take pictures to show to the entire world our great, small, bundle of joy. Parents are almost always excited to see their newborn and record every moment with them.

We know how it feels to see your little one sleep, yawn, talk, smile, and express their emotions all for the first time – and we always want a souvenir or a keepsake of these little milestones. This is where baby photography comes in.

Over the years, the creativity for these fun photoshoot ideas have skyrocketed. And thanks to social media, we’ve got a ton of ideas that are sure to make baby’s first few years memorable.


1. Go month by month

There’s something about seeing your child grow that’s truly fascinating. So, why not create a monthly album of photos in the same location, lighting, and décor? This way, you’ll see your baby grow and change month after month. It doesn’t need to be hard – you can keep this one as simple as you want. Just pick a spot in the house and take a photo in there once every month. This way, you’ll see even the tiniest of changes and how your baby’s growing through the months – or perhaps even years if you’re up for it!


2. Make your pets part of it!

It’s truly adorable to see house pets getting along with your child. Why not make them part of the photograph? You’ll love how your baby and pet will react to each other, and maybe you can even get a funny video out of it!

Chances are, you’re setting them up to be friends for life, so why not stage it a little and make them do what friends do? Go have them listen to some music, play video games, or maybe even dress them up like they both work in the same office! How cool is that?


3. Fun with Parents

Of course, the parents need to join in, too! Why not do a themed photoshoot, where all of you have the same thematic costumes or clothes. Maybe you and your partner have something that you both love in common. Baseball fans? Why not wear baseball jerseys? Gamers? Cosplay your favorite games!


4. School is in!

Why not give your kid a head start? Make them a smaller version of a school uniform, or have them wear a pair of glasses, and shoot them next to a stack of hefty books!

Bonus: If you take it while they’re sleeping, it appears as though they’re breaking the rules!


5. Mirror, mirror on the wall

It’s time for a bit of self-discovery. Put a mirror in front of your baby and shoot them looking at their own reflection. You’ll be surprised to see the wealth of emotions that your baby can display when they see a reflection of themselves. Take as many shots as you can!


6. Get messy in the kitchen

Dress your little one as a tiny chef and make them play with some safe and healthy stuff in the kitchen! Go and make a mess – the myriad of colors that come from the food will look good on camera! And hey, it’s an excuse to clean up the kitchen, too!


7. Dream a little dream

Your baby is gonna be asleep most hours of the day – why not turn this into a photoshoot opportunity? Create a dreamy, fairy tale setting with blankets, pillows, and clothes and bring your baby’s dreams to life! You can even put on a costume and join in the fun as well!


8. Take a photo in the bath

How about a lovely photo of your baby and bubbles in the bath? There’s nothing quite like a refreshing scene of your little one gently lapping the water and turning your bathroom into their own little paradise. Maybe you can even decorate the bath and turn it into a beach! Of course, make sure that the shampoo and body wash you use to bubble up the bath are safe and gentle on baby’s skin. ????


We’re certain that you’ve got ideas for your photo session with your baby. Don’t be afraid to share them with us so that other parents can take inspiration from them, too!