Travelling with a Baby - Mission Impossible

Travelling with a Baby - Mission Impossible 09Nov

It's never too early to begin exploring the world, is it? 

Although kids in the newborn to age two range are portable and easy to travel with as long as you create a comfortable environment and keep them on their familiar routine, sometimes things can get a little frustrating. Although preparation is the key, it cannot predict and solve all unexpected challenges that might be encountered on the way.

If you have a holiday trip planned, the tips you will find below might come in handy!


Pack well

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." is a saying that is especially true when you are on the road with a baby, so you must be well prepared.

Your journey begins with packing. We understand that being a parent is overwhelming, and it's not surprising to forget a few things, here and there. Making a checklist will surely help.

Organize your suitcase, so everything will be easy for you to find and reach. Separate your luggage into sections and assort it in different packing cubes. You can find them in all sizes and colours on online platforms like or in hypermarkets like Walmart and Target. And let us tell you – they are a game-changer. And do consider purchasing ones that are waterproof just in case of spillage. 

An additional tip is planning your baby's outfits for each day of the vacation. Put the clothes in ziplock bags, label them and then place them in one of the packing cubes. 


Dress comfortably

This applies to both you and the baby, especially if you are travelling by plane!

Going through security is almost always a chaotic experience. Your laptop in one basin, your charger in another, and your shoes... God knows where. To save yourself the inconvenience, avoid shoes with laces and wear something easy to slip on and off. Also, remember to remove any accessories before your journey – metal detectors are sensitive to jewelry, belts, and watches. Save them for the holiday instead!

When it comes to your baby's gear, dress him in something that will be quick and easy for you to change if a dirty-diaper situation occurs. Bodysuits and onesies are great options. Zip-click swaddles and sleeping bags are great to have on hand, too. They are a far more comfortable alternative to blankets because they have a zipper on. 


Dirty-diaper situations

And talking about dirty-diaper situations... a change might be needed at any time, so you have to be ready. 

A portable changing pad is a must! No matter the vehicle that you travel with, those things are a lifesaver. They are budget-friendly and have a lot of built-in advantages – they are large yet slim enough to fit in any diaper bag. In addition, they provide quick access to every item you need on the go – diapers, wipes, or a toy to keep the little one fuss-free and entertained. 

Don't forget to squeeze in a bottom cream and lotion. Keeping your baby's skin moisturized is essential for his comfort. Our edible lotion is just about perfect for the occasion because it supports natural protection against the harsh outside environment.


Alatino Portable Diaper Changing Pad


On the road we go

Schedules often do not work during travelling, that's one of the reasons why many babies are fussy and restless on the road. 

Do try to stick to the familiar routine, but also allow your baby to adjust. This is a new experience for him. Feed him on demand and do not wake him up just for the sake of being "on track". If you are dealing with colic, ask your paediatrician for advice. There are many all-natural remedies that you can put to use. Gerber Soothe Probiotic Drops and Colic Calm Gripe Water are two of the many choices available. 

And if your baby is teething, have some gum cream on hand that will ease the pain. Toys designed for the teething period help to distract and relieve the baby, as well. For example, Boppy Teething Scarf is especially suitable for travelling during the winter. The silicone teething ring, sewn into a scarf, is a genius invention that keeps the baby engaged and occupied and the parent cosy and warm.

Boppy Teething Scarf


Keep yourself in mind

Take the time to think about yourself. If you are under the weather, the baby will sense it. 

Assemble a mom/dad bag dedicated to your personal care. However, if the space does not allow it, clear out a compartment in the diaper bag. Then, supply it with essentials - snacks that you can enjoy on, wet wipes for when you need to freshen up, and a book to keep you entertained when you have a minute to spare. 

Taking care of your personal needs will keep your energy and spirits up!


Above all, between planning, packing, and panicking, remember to enjoy the trip as much as possible. You are introducing your baby to new experiences, bonding as a family, and making memories, which you will look up to in the years to come.

What are some of the tips that you can share with fellow mums and dads? Comment them below!