How To Manage The Balance Of Pregnancy And Entrepreneurship

How To Manage The Balance Of Pregnancy And Entrepreneurship 26Jan

Having a baby changes everything, and one of these things is that we often quit our jobs to stay home and raise our families. However, those who don’t want a resume gap (or can’t afford a one-income home) often choose to start businesses. Setting up a business is a daunting process, especially when gearing up for the newest family member. However, you can manage both with a bit of determination and a few preemptive steps. Today’s tips are brought to you by Babyology


Preparing for business

Spend some time before the birth of your baby by writing out your business plan. It will act as a guidepost as you deal with the inevitable mom brain and sleepless nights that accompany raising a newborn. Of course, your business plan doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. A good start is a simple few pages with the company description, an idea of what you do and how you plan to sell it, and your business structure. Ideally, you’ll also include how much money you think it will take to start and get going and where you get these funds.

Now is also a great time to look at marketing. Even if you’re not ready to launch, you can get started by creating free business cards with an online design template. It is a tool to help you acclimate to using colors, text, and imagery as part of your branding strategies. Business cards are great because they are easy to store in your diaper bag, and you can quickly hand them out to potential customers even if you’re holding the baby.

Part of preparing to start a business also means having a baby-friendly workspace. It means having everything you need handy, including a bassinet, changing table, diapers, and supplies. In addition, make sure that your baby’s bath and skin products are safe, clinically tested, and made for the baby’s delicate skin.


Preparing for baby

Let’s be honest: nothing can truly prepare you for becoming a mother for the first time. If you plan for a peacefully sleeping baby right off the bat, you should probably check your expectations at the L&D door. The truth is that while babies sleep most of the time, they wake up often. Stanford says your newborn won’t sleep for six hours until they’re at least three months old, and you won’t get a whole night’s sleep until closer to their first birthday. So be mentally prepared for sleep deprivation.

A few things you can do to encourage more peaceful nights are to invest in gadgets that help calm and soothe your little one, pump if you’re nursing so that your partner can help with at least one overnight feeding, and utilize swaddling blankets to help them feel safe and secure.

Another smart move as you prepare for your baby’s arrival is to talk with friends and family about helping out with household chores and meals for the first few weeks. Not only will your body need time to recover, but you’ll also be insanely busy, and a helping hand never hurts.

People might think you’re crazy, but it is entirely possible to prepare to launch a new business, even when you’re expecting. But it pays to prepare, even if some people get lucky and find success as a matter of circumstance. Because you don’t want to roll the dice on your financial future, spend some time writing a business plan, figuring out your marketing strategies, and preparing your business and home for your upcoming bundle of joy. One final thought: there’s no greater labor of love than having a baby and no greater purpose than being available when they need you. Running your own business can allow you to do both and have everything you want out of life.


Guest Author: Danny Knight