8 Fun Things You Can do in the Bath with your Little One

8 Fun Things You Can do in the Bath with your Little One 06Apr

Convincing your child to go and take a bath is one thing... but making them stay in the bath to clean up is another!

Perhaps you need a little bit of persuading power to deal with this. Don’t worry, it’ll only take some bathwater, some toys, and a dash of creativity to make bath time into bonding playtime!

A little warning though: these will ensure that your kids will WANT TO take a bath EVERY SINGLE DAY! Keep your water bill in check!


1. Bath Bombs Away!

Make an explosive splash with some bath bombs! There are some ready to buy ones, or you can make your own with some balloons that you can pop in the tub. Make it extra exciting by putting edible food coloring inside the balloons. Add some plastic or rubber balls and help your little one catch or sink them.

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2. Picasso in the Bath

If bath bombs sound a little bit too extreme for your toddlers, you can do a milder alternative with watercolor paint! It won’t stain the tub, and won’t harm your baby. Afterwards, you can use Babyology Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo to wash the paint off.


3. Take the beach to the bath

Those beach balls, pool noodles, and toys that you only use during your beach trips need to be taken out and played with once in a while. Why not throw your own beach party in the tub? Go the extra mile and maybe put some shells around the bath!


4. Bubble Bath

You can never go wrong with a classic. Bubble baths were your favorite when you were young – why not pass this on to your kids? Make it even more exciting by using bubble toy guns or blowers to really dial up the bubble making action to eleven!


5. The Colorful Ice Cube Caper

With some food coloring and water, you can turn bath time into an exciting and fun challenge! Make some food colored ice cubes (or buy colorful plastic ones from the store – some even light up) and drop them into the water. Watch your little ones go crazy trying to grab and catch the colorful ice.


6. I-Spy in the Bath

Not all activities need props – as you got all the items you need for fun already in the bath. Do some “see it, say it” activities, or play some I-Spy-In-My-Eye to make things interesting. Talk about soaps, shampoos, the towels, and what they’re used for. Make bath time fun and educational!


7. Take Barbie and Ken to the Bath

Let’s hit two birds with one stone, shall we? Does your kid have any toys that need some cleaning of their own? Convince them that they’ll need some bathing, too! That way, as you clean your child, you’re also cleaning their toys as well.


8. Sail the sponge away!

Keep the theme nautical with some DIY sponge boats! Grab a sponge, cut it into a boat shape, and add a tiny flag using popsicle sticks, paper, and duct tape (or whatever that works for a sail) and let loose in an ocean tub of fun! You can also use other materials. Go creative and get onboard!











We hope that these playful tactics and toys will help you keep your little one clean in the tub. Just make sure that you always supervise them when bathing, and that you have fun doing it.

Do you have other tips and tricks to keep your kids in the bath? Let us know!