An Instruction Manual for your First Day with the Baby: From Hospital to Home (Part 2)

An Instruction Manual for your First Day with the Baby: From Hospital to Home (Part 2) 28Jun

Changing diapers

One skill that both parents will need to learn is how to change diapers. But during the first day, let’s talk about that black poop called meconium. Now, now, don’t be alarmed, as this is totally normal and will change into a regular color as days go by. Within 24 hours, your baby is going to pass urine and this meconium at least once. Watch some YouTube videos on how to change diapers, or simply ask a nurse to help do it for you.

You’ll be doing this more than perhaps thousand times as your child grows. Thus, making it an essential thing to learn.


Bringing Your Baby Home

A crucial thing you’ll need before you head home would be a car seat (as listed above). You need to set one up in the car ahead of time, which will make it one less thing to worry about for the trip home.

Also, make sure to make some meals ahead of time. Freeze them up and heat them up when your newborn first comes home. This will lessen the stress when you finally arrive home.

Dealing with pets

If you have pets at home, they will also feel some of the changes you do at home. On the first day, your pet will be really curious with your baby, so never leave your baby alone with it. As the days go by, your animal will get familiar with your baby’s scent, and it’ll learn how to deal with your baby – and eventually, they’ll even play together!


Visiting family and friends

As we’re still reeling from the effects of the global pandemic, you should limit your baby’s interaction with other people due to COVID-19. Your doctor will surely advise you about this, but if there are family and/or friends who are quite insistent, then you may allow to visit, but only for short durations, and preferably not in groups! (Perhaps make sure they aren’t sick as well!)

When the pandemic is all over, your family and friends will want to visit and see your baby. So, let them! These people around you will be your support network as you adjust with the parenting life. As a bonus, your support network may also offer help by cooking for you or cleaning the house. Learn to accept this help as this will be beneficial for you and your baby, especially during the first day!


Should you give your baby a bath within the first 24 hours?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends waiting at least six hours and ideally 24 hours post-birth to give babies a bath. This is because your newborn may be too vulnerable to the cold due thin skin.

After 24 hours, you can safely give your baby a sponge bath, or simply wipe them clean. In the event that you do need to give them a bath, use baby wash with simple, natural, and organic ingredients to keep baby’s skin safe from any chemicals. For this, you can’t go wrong with Babyology’s Natural Baby Wash and Shampoo, the ideal solution for parents looking for a natural, organic, and healthy way to clean and nourish baby’s skin.


If you have any questions about the fun challenge of the first 24 hours, just let us know in the comments. You can also follow our blog page and social media channels to learn more parenting tips, tricks, and general baby care.

Good luck!