When To Start Bathing Your Newborn and How to Choose the Right Product

When To Start Bathing Your Newborn and How to Choose the Right Product 20Nov

Giving your baby a bath can be tricky if you’re a new parent. Each baby is different when it comes to how enjoyable bath time is, but in every case, there are important things to think about, especially when it comes to your baby’s safety and health.

One of these important factors is baby bath products. When should you start using bath products on your little one? And what kind of products are the safest and most optimal to use? The best place to start is by understanding the difference between babies’ skin and our own.  That knowledge will guide you as a parent to choosing the best baby shampoo and body wash possible.


How Does Baby Skin Differ From Adult Skin

Infant skin, while it may look supple and flawless, is more sensitive and vulnerable than adult skin. The barrier between the baby’s bloodstream and the outside world is weaker than ours and even more so in babies that are premature. This puts babies at a higher risk of infection as well as an excess loss of water.

Knowing that babies have such sensitive skin is a good starting point for understanding how to take care of it, especially during their bath time.


What Kind of Baby Bath Products Are Best For Newborns

Choose products that are as gentle as possible. The best baby shampoos and body washes have simple limited ingredients. A product is not necessarily good just because it is a well-known brand or has attractive packaging. Be sure to read the ingredients and labels closely.

Many parents these days figure that organic baby shampoo and body wash is the way to go. While safe and gentle products tend to have organic ingredients, organic ingredients per se do not guarantee that the product is right for your newborn. The same is true of “natural” products.


Look for a baby wash that is:

  • Made from ingredients that are known to be beneficial or harmless to babies (such as coconut oil or rose water)
  • Made of fewer ingredients rather than more
  • Free from parabens fragrance colourants or aggressive foaming agents
  • If possible, made from edible ingredients.


When Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Newborn

Contrary to what some believe there is no reason to wait until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off before you give him a bath as long as you make sure to dry the umbilical stump afterwards. You can bathe your baby as early as a few hours after birth although it’s okay to wait a few days.

As long as your newborn has hair there is nothing wrong with shampooing within the first week. Since shampoo usually doubles as a body wash for most products for infants, it’s doubly important to screen the ingredients carefully before use. Choose a product that has simple ingredients and does not have sulfates or any other foaming agents.


Why is Water-Only Bathing Not Recommended For Newborns

The factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing safe baby shampoos and body washes can seem like a bit much at first. Some parents may, in fact, wonder if it’s safer to bathe their baby in water only. They may rationalize that water-only bathing is safer since they don’t have to worry about whether or not a baby bath product will do more harm than good.

The problem with using only water is that it tends to dry out the skin. This is especially true if the water that comes out of your faucet is hard water. Dry skin can lead to irritation, scaling and other problems. Therefore, it’s best to use gentle infant bath products with the qualities already mentioned – and also, ideally, ones that have a liquid consistency that is easily diluted.

Once you have found the ideal baby shampoo and body wash for your little one you can figure out a routine that works for the two of you. Some babies love to stay in the water longer than others, but in any case, bath-time can become a meaningful ritual and bonding experience for the two of you.


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