6 Apps That Can Lend New Parents a Helping Hand

6 Apps That Can Lend New Parents a Helping Hand 14Feb

For couples, the birth of their first baby is both exhilarating and daunting. It’s the promise of a new life full of love and snuggles but also a new world with a tiny human that will rely on you for everything!

Thankfully, today’s technology allows you to have the best tools at your fingertips, whether you’re in the first trimester of your pregnancy, nursing your newborn, or planning your return to work after your maternity leave. Babyology has listed six apps to accompany you on your first-time parenting journey:


1. Glow Baby

This app is a newborn tracker log that lets you record all of your baby’s activities like feeding, sleeping, diaper changing, and tummy time. Mommy’s activities such as pumping milk, tracking baby’s growth, and monitoring daily routines are also tracked. The app allows you to share information with other caregivers, a handy feature whether Mommy is planning to get back to the workplace or simply planning a night out on the town with Daddy.


2. My Baby Today

Developed by BabyCenter, a trusted parenting resource widely used around the world, My Baby Today allows you to connect with other moms (and dads) to ask questions and share information related to a child’s first months. It lets you set reminders to keep you on track with feeding, sleeping, and other baby-related activities. My Baby Today is jam-packed with articles and videos that aim to inform first-time parents on health and safety, baby care and—let’s not forget—mom care!


3. Milk Maid

If you’re pumping milk for your baby, the Milk Maid app is designed to keep track of your pumping sessions and stashed milk supply. It allows you to see your inventory of fresh and frozen breast milk in multiple locations, which is particularly handy for the new mom who is returning to the workplace. The Milk Maid app lets you export all data via email or Wi-Fi to share with your baby’s caregiver, and no milk is wasted as it even tracks your stash’s expiration date!



A new baby in the house means new equipment, new furniture, and many, many toys! If you’re considering buying a bigger house for your growing family, download the Redfin app to help you sell your current home and find your next one. This real estate app updates listings frequently and will send you notifications as soon as a home meeting your criteria hits the real estate market. A Redfin agent will help you throughout the process, and you’ll be able to tour homes on demand—a very important feature for busy new parents!


5. Sleep Baby Sleep

A newborn in the house often means lack of sleep, especially for the nursing mother, and newborns’ sleep schedules are unpredictable. If you’re feeling sleep-deprived, help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with the Sleep Baby Sleep app. You can take the opportunity to snooze right along with your little one! This app plays different types of white noise (fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, running water, and womb sounds) to lull your baby to sleep. It also has a timer feature for convenience. Combine this app with some Babyology Natural Baby Lotion to prepare them for a good night’s sleep.


6. The Wonder Weeks

When your little one is awake and alert, The Wonder Weeks app gives you great tips to support and stimulate your baby’s mental development. The app features a diary that helps you keep track of developmental progress and milestones, and offers personalized charts and calendars. The app will answer your questions regarding your baby’s behavior and help you understand your little one’s cries, fussiness, sleep issues, or feeding issues that often arise when an infant reaches a new developmental stage.


Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming on many levels. But by taking advantage of some of the technology available today can help your experience go much more smoothly. Consider the apps above, and don’t forget to enjoy all those wonderful moments with your little bundle of joy!