Christmas Cards: Toddler Edition

Christmas Cards: Toddler Edition 13Dec

Christmas Cards: Toddler Edition

Christmas has always been a holiday that many of us look forward to, regardless of age. The anticipation is especially apparent to babies who want nothing more but to play in the snow, eat sweet Christmas treats, and open presents.

While there are many ways to create a memorable Christmas, you can make this holiday even more special by spending quality time with your kids. One of the best examples of making this merry event unforgettable is by making special greeting cards with your children.


Christmas Cards Toddlers can Make

While babies can’t do much in making cards at their age, there are still many designs and card ideas you can do that your children will surely enjoy.

Nurturing a child’s creativity early on can have a positive impact in their growth. This is especially so when babies grow up doing creative things with their parents. Boost your children’s creativity by making these easy and simple card designs this holiday season!


Christmas Poem Cards

The most well-known Christmas poem usually seen in cards is ‘The Night Before Christmas’ poem. It is especially famous among crafty moms that love making handicrafts.

Having your toddlers create the base design or using their footprint as the mouse’s shape while you write the poem is a good way to bond with them through this activity.

You can even turn the card into a keepsake to share among your loved ones.


Finger Print Christmas Card

Card making activity is a good way to introduce the colors to your babies – especially this design. While it can get a little messy, finger print card design can be super cute.


Snowman Card

Unlike the typical holiday cards that use finger, hand, or footprints, the Snowman card uses everyday items to create a cute snowman. Although the parents will mostly do the heavy lifting in making this card, children can still contribute by creating the snowman or coloring the card.

Most Snowman cards is usually made up of cotton, colored papers, paint, ribbons, and other materials you think can make up a snowman.


Make Christmas More than just a Merry Holiday

Aside from the designs mention earlier, you can also create handprint cards, quilted Christmas tree cards, 3D reindeer cards, and more. The important thing about this activity is the time you spend with your loved ones during the holidays, not the designs you create with them.

With Christmas being an annual holiday, making this a yearly activity will improve not only the creativity of your family, but strengthen the bond you have with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!