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Our Diaper Rash Ointment is gentle and powerful at the same time.  It’s also worry-free – unlike other brands’ leave-on products, ours is made with edible, natural ingredients so that your little one will stay safe and healthy even if it’s absorbed into her skin. A couple of the special ingredients found in this product are beeswax and natural zinc oxide. They both work overtime to nourish and heal irritated skin and prevent further irritation from occurring.


  • Naturally Sourced
    Naturally Sourced i
  • Reduces Water Loss
    Reduces Water Loss i
  • Clinically tested
    Clinically tested
  • For newborns
    For newborns
  • No parabens
    No parabens i
  • No fragrance
    No fragrance i
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ultimate safety
    Ultimate safety

    Dispense several pumps of the product on your hand and apply to baby skin. Use daily, after bath and/or before sleeping time


    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Despite the ingredients are coming from edible sources, their concentrations are intended for cosmetic purposes and should not be digested!

Zinc Oxide; Coconut Oil; Beeswax…discover our unique 100% EDIBLE ingredients!


Awesome organic product, I will buy it again!
This diaper rash cream is different! My baby has a very sensitive skin and I try everything out there.. nothing sims to help until I discover this cream. I’ve made a bundle purchase to avoid shipping cost of all three products from this particular brand. So far all three works great. I’m not sure because everything is organic and there is no chemicals, but works great... the rash is gone in couple days. From red irritated skin, turns very light brown and heals immediately. The rash of my daughter was gone for unless than a week. I recommend this product for any baby, smells really good! By D. Suessegger May 28, 2019
Love the idea!
Never mind the thin skin barrier; my toddler actually eats cream. Diaper cream, toothpaste, whatever he can get his hands on. Obviously I don't serve this to him for lunch but I am more relaxed with him around this product because if he swallows a bit, its ok. We've used this a bunch of times on rashes and it works well. By Amazon Customer August 28, 2019
Won’t come out
The product is so thick inside the tube that no matter how hard I squeeze, even if I put my entire weight on it, it won’t come out of the tube. After I worked it and warmed it up for a while it finally came out slowly. This makes it useless because I don’t have time to warm up diaper cream when I have a naked toddler rolling around. The product isn’t old or dried out because this was the first time I used it. Not sure why it’s like that. Even after I put it on her skin it didn’t seem to do much, it ironically spread out way thinner than I’d like it to. All around a bad product. I am however a big fan of the soap and lotion so I would try those and skip this. By Savannah Andronic June 16, 2019
great product
i am really picky about ingredients and this product really impressed me. works really well and tho i havent tried i believe its edible from the ingredients. lol before this i would get the burts bees diaper care cream but i will stick with this brand from now on! now i cant wait to try the body washes and lotions! By Blight August 17, 2019
Will buy again
I am using this diaper rash cream on my son from the last 4 days but this is fregnance free and non greasy and very natural no chemicals so far so better By Sunny June 17, 2019
Works Amazing
I love this product so much! The cream soaked right into the skin and soothes the baby’s bottom. It smelt great and definitely fixed the diaper rash! By tabatha shuttleworth June 28, 2019
100% edible
I love that this product is 100% organic for my newborn. It's also not greasy and works very well to clear up diaper rash. sometimes if it gets to cold it will harden up but as soon as you warm it a bit it comes out of the tube very easily!! it's also not that expensive compared to some other brands I will definitely be using it everytime my LO has a rash! By Miranda MacMyne June 25, 2019
Works good
I wish it was in a different container so it would be easier to come out but works good and don't have to be scared my two year old is going to sneak in to it By Ashley July 08, 2019
Highly recommend this diaper ointment!!
I can honestly say I love this product and I'm the type of person that will leave a horribly nasty review if I do not like something. My baby girl has had a slight discoloration between her butt cheeks but I've been using this every day and it went away. Love the consistency of this product. Works much better than desitins and a&d ointment (which is what I was using when she got the discoloration) !! By Alysa July 02, 2019
Baby essential
Great product. High quality ingredents, no scent By mamadirt June 29, 2019
Works perfect for my child
Previously, I had problems with other rash creams, but this time all the symptoms are relieved and I can see my son is not feeling uncomfortable anymore. It is a lifesaver for kids with sensitive skin, and I love the organic ingredients. It works like magic By Pavel Hadjiev June 19, 2019
So impressed
So impressed with this diaper rash cream! It's an incredible product to use for preventing rashes in the future or clearing up a rash that is already there. Highly recommend! Also can't go wrong with 100% edible ingredients. By Ashley Mason May 17, 2019
Definitely Recommend
Super good product, clean ingredients, would definitely recommend 10/10. (: By Melinda Beauchamp July 08, 2019
Organic and the best
Rocking cream! My baby bottoms has no red spot By P. Servus August 27, 2019
So far so good.
White paste but wipeable.... I keep it warm in a wipe warmer. By H.Family September 24, 2019
High quality and great value
I love that this diaper rash cream is made of gentle, natural (and edible!) ingredients. It has a very mild scent, almost like oat milk, and is super moisturizing! By Brenn May 16, 2019