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Meet our proudest achievement: the world’s first baby wash made of 100% edible ingredients! Its one-of-a-kind cleansing and foaming agent derived from oat proteins, enriched with coconut milk and organic rose water will cuddle your baby in its light milky foam, while delivering the mildest cleansing she deserves. This product is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Naturally Sourced
    Naturally Sourced i
  • Tear-free
  • Clinically tested
    Clinically tested
  • For newborns
    For newborns
  • No parabens
    No parabens i
  • No fragrance
    No fragrance i
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ultimate safety
    Ultimate safety

    Dispense several pumps of the product on your hand and apply to baby skin. Use daily, after bath and/or before sleeping time


    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Despite the ingredients are coming from edible sources, their concentrations are intended for cosmetic purposes and should not be digested!

Oat Aminos; Organic Rose Water; Coconut Milk…discover our unique 100% EDIBLE ingredients!


Perfect for kid’s with skin sensitivity
I highly recommend this body wash! Easy to rinse off and doesn’t stick to skin. It is so gentle on their skin and leaves it soft! I ordered these specifically to try on my two and four year old. My four year old has severe eczema and dry skin and allergies to a lot of different things, this lotion and the body wash have not irritated it or made it worse since we started using it! It’s a little pricey for the size when you have more than one kid (I have three) but a little goes a long way and no yucky residue! By Alicia Sharp May 15, 2019
Amazing baby wash and lotion!
I was looking for a clean baby wash and lotion nothing I found was really what I was looking for so I got the CeraVe baby wash, even though it was gentle it was still a bit drying on my baby's skin. My baby loves to such on her hands and I got concerned about the chemicals she might be ingesting I purchased the CeraVe before she was born and did not anticipate this. Enter Babyology, I love this stuff! I have the fregrence free (Rose) one and it has beautiful light rose scent that isn't to overpowering so I can still smell my baby's natural sent. I like the fact that it doesn't foam up the way that other soaps do. I was a little skeptical that it would do a good job of washing her hair but it did a great job it left her hair clean and hydrated it also cleared up her cradle cap in a few washes, though it wasn't severe just some dry flakes. The lotion is great too nice and light weight sinks in quick. I only bath her once or twice a week but this gentle enough to use every day. By HannahK July 12, 2019
Very good baby wash and shampoo!
This shampoo is different. Doesn’t make allots of bubbles, but makes the hair and the skin of my daughter fresh and smooth. I think because of the creamy consistent works best, not many bubbles but smooth and light. The bottle says edible, so I try it myself lol, this is rally organic. This is completely safe for children! Taste sweet, like honey bunches and smells awesome. I recommend the bundle, to avoid shipping cost and also buy it for baby shower. Unfortunately that’s only online. I recommend this product to everyone By D. Suessegger May 28, 2019
Amazing product that i will be buying again!
My baby is 2 months old. Her skin is so soft. Very thick unlike what we used to use. Rich lather esp in her hair. Doesnt break her out like some others have and theres no heavy scent either. By Tiffany May 26, 2019
Perfect for my love-to-eat-my-soap toddler
I love the fact that this soap is 100% edible. It puts a mom at ease knowing that there are no toxic ingredients. And it works! It cleans well and leaves my baby smelling fresh all day. Her skin has never been this soft! By Joe May 31, 2019
Don’t like it
Too expensive for a little bottle. Not cleaning at all because it’s doesn’t foaming, and the smell is bad( By Denis T July 13, 2019
Great baby product
My baby looks clean and fresh after a bath. This is a really nice product for babies because it smooths their skin and the natural rose aroma reminds me the beautiful meadows full with flowers in my hometown. Highly recommended By Pavel Hadjiev April 18, 2019
Soap and shampoo with easy to read and understand ingredients
Lathered up great and ingredients super easy to read. With my children having sensitive skin, it was great to find scent free soap and shampoo. Left no residue on skin and was easy to use. Love the pump bottle and shape of bottle was easy to use while bathing my newborn. It was great to know it was edible in case it got in my son’s mouth - definitely made me feel better about using it. By LB623 June 18, 2019
Amazing products
Omg let me tell you how babyology works so good for my son. He has really bad ezcema prone skin and always scratching. I used to buy all the expensive products from France called avene and other products that kind of worked for him but there's so much chemicals in them. Thank gosh I took a chance with babyology cause their products works so good. The baby wash shampoo glides on so smooth and it doesn't foam that much which i like. Just because it doesn't foam doesnt mean it's not working. I would know because i work in a salon. The lotion is so gentle and not so sticky and thick. It makes your baby's skin nice and plump and glowing! The diaper rash cream is amazing works fast and isn't too thick. My New go to products for my baby! Thank you babyology for making great products just wished you made them bigger! By Amazon Customer September 21, 2019
Works well for us
This soap doesn't have a ton of lather to it if that's your thing (though many natural products don't and a strong lather is not necessary for good cleaning). We also have hard water, so that is something to consider. We use it as a shampoo and body wash. It's nice to have something that isn't crazy expensive to use. By Jessica Geist July 11, 2019
Cool idea for soap
A pretty nice and mild soap. I had to try a little bit on the tip of my tongue based on the claims of it being edible, and it doesn't taste super good, but I'm still alive! it doesn't lather a lot so if you're looking for that you might want a different soap, but it didn't irritate my baby's skin and it seemed mild. By Britney September 28, 2019
Perfect for babies and toddlers
Great product. Really cleans the hair and skin without drying it out. Johnson and Johnson products use to burn both me and my daughter. This has really helped heal her skin. By Lexus May 25, 2019
Great quality!
This baby wash cleans well and is a smooth consistency. I love that it has no harmful ingredients and it also has a pleasant scent but not overpowering. I have used it for nearly two weeks and have noticed no irritation to my babys skin. The pump bottle makes it easy to dispense when I am giving my baby a bath. By K. K. May 26, 2019
Not worth it!
Has no suds.. at all. Wouldn’t buy again because I went through copious amounts of it trying to get a lather. Not worth it. Only thing I liked was the smell. By Goldenlover May 06, 2019
Would buy again!
I love this baby soap. I am the type of mom that does not stick to one soap, lotion, ointment ... because I love trying new things. However, I will keep repurchasing this particular soap for my son. He loves to lick the suds off of himself, for some reason, while I’m washing him. So it helps that it’s “edible.” Also i enjoy that there is no heavy perfumes. I dislike any soap with pungent fragrance By Alejandra R. October 04, 2019
Natural product!
I love that this shampoo/body wash is made with natural products. I also enjoy the faint clean smell that is not overwhelming. By Lindsey Uelmen May 21, 2019
Smell is very light
I bought this originally because of the all natural ingredients. My son has very bad eczema which I’ve been trying to control with various name brand products. So far I’ve seen a slight improvement which is a lot better than with the name brand products I’ve bought from Target, Walmart and etc. So I’m pretty happy with this product so far. By Beatriz Velasquez July 17, 2019
Lavender body wash
I have been using this body wash on my boys for a while now. I love that it leaves them feeling nice, soft, and smelling like lavender (which I love the smell of). It helps them relax at night and it's made with natural ingredients. By Rhonda May 18, 2019
Good but a bit pricey
Love the smell and soap texture, except i think is a bit pricey for such a small bottle. I do love the product, but if i will buy this again? Not sure, probably will try to find other cheaper alternative. By Ms.Tho25 August 31, 2019
Love it!
The baby shampoo smells really nice! My daughter doesn’t complain that it burns her eyes when it accidentally gets in her eyes. Her hair comes out smooth, not tangled, and smelling good! By Tyla Clark July 01, 2019
smells great
Smells great and makes my babies skin soft. On the chance you do get it in your child’s eyes it’s tear free also. By J.Leo June 12, 2019
Highly recommended!
Highly recommended! Very fresh scent. Makes my daughter’s skin feel very soft and clean. Like using a very natural product and love lavender! By Melissa June 27, 2019
Very calming
I love how safe it is for her in the tub and how relaxed she gets after her bath. By Nikimarie1996 June 24, 2019
Won't buy again.
Had to do several pumps to use on my toddlers body. Hard to wash out of hair. Small bottle for the price. By Luna Sandoval August 25, 2019
Great natural wash!
I love that this product is made with all natural ingredients. It's gentle on m baby's skin and easy to rinse off. It also has a nice, light scent that is soothing and not overwhelming. By Sabrea July 01, 2019
Ok By Anamaria Peraza June 12, 2019
ughh i hate this product
I wish I would have not purchased it. it makes no lather and doesn't smell like anything. and my daughter's skin feels squeaky clean with no moisture on her body leaves it too dry. By CIARA VELEZ June 19, 2019
Great product!
Overall I liked the product. My son has sensitive skin and I have used the same wash and shampoo since he was born and he is almost 4 so I was hesitant on trying but it was great! The scent could be a little more. By Tiffany Jelks June 20, 2019
Love how it has all natural ingredients. Makes my baby’s skin and hair super soft. Would for sure 10/10 recommend this, and would definitely buy it again! By Melinda Beauchamp June 20, 2019
I love this stuff. My baby girl temds to try and eat her soap along with everything else but I like the ingredients are safe for her even if she does accidentally gets it in her mouth. The smell isn't the greatest but it is well worth the money spent. By Jess Filback June 28, 2019
Lotion like texture perfect for baby
I love that it's entirely edible. It makes me feel like this is the safest possible product I could use on my baby. I bought lavender to use before bed time. It works wonders for helping our sleep routine. It doesn't bubble up much which is fine by me. It's texture is more like lotion but it works perfectly for baby skin, hair, and I even washed his face. P.s. I totally did taste it. I do not suggest doing so. It's not horrible but not enjoyable either. Lol. I just had to! By Megmeg2170 July 11, 2019
Love it!
Gentle on baby By Michelle September 16, 2019
Nice and pricey
It definitely is edible for sure . My four year old has a habit of drinking shampoo or eating bar soap. Obviously my son attacked it like he always does when I get distracted with my newborn. And he tried it . He said it taste like the bar soap . (Dove original scent) The kid didn’t get sick. However I do my best from keeping him to sneak in the restroom to taste the shampoo. I do not like that is too small for that high price. Other than that it works good on my baby’s skin By Carolina October 14, 2019