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The ingredients in our go-to lotion formula are 100% edible and safe – even when parts of it are absorbed through your little one’s skin over time. It’s also rich in key oils and extracts that benefit the skin by leaving it silky soft, moisturized and support its natural protection against the harsh, outside environment.  That leaves this lotion a fantastic, well-rounded product to have at all times.

  • Naturally Sourced
    Naturally Sourced i
  • Non-greasy
  • Clinically tested
    Clinically tested
  • For newborns
    For newborns
  • No parabens
    No parabens i
  • No fragrance
    No fragrance i
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ultimate safety
    Ultimate safety

    Dispense several pumps of the product on your hand and apply to baby skin. Use daily, after bath and/or before sleeping time


    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Despite the ingredients are coming from edible sources, their concentrations are intended for cosmetic purposes and should not be digested!

Oat Aminos; Organic Rose Water; Coconut Milk; Arugula…discover our unique 100% EDIBLE ingredients!


Safe and gentle ! Perfect!
The baby lotion I used to use that was supposedly natural had a very strong smell and strong taste. I worried about baby eating it. I'm so glad I do not need to worry if a little gets on his hands and he sticks his hands in his mouth! The fragrance is light, his skin is soft and smooth. Very gentle, perfect baby lotion! Also the people who make it are a newer, smaller company and they are really nice! By Luna June 26, 2019
Smooth, not greasy.
This lotion comes out of the pump bottle easily and my baby's skin absorbs the lotion quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I love knowing that my baby is not absorbing any harmful chemicals when using this lotion. I have also noticed that this lotion helps sooth her dry, red cheeks better than anything else I have tried. By K. K. June 26, 2019
Gentle, light, and easy to apply for baby
My infant is a few months old and we use her Babyology lotion after every bath. It’s light and spreads easily on baby’s skin, (a little bit goes pretty far!), but still substantial enough to leave her skin soft and moisturized until the next bath. It has a subtle rose-hip scent and has become part of my baby’s after bath routine that she enjoys. I rely on reviews to help me when I’m deciding what products to purchase on Amazon. If my review has been of any help to you, please mark it as helpful as I appreciate the feedback :) By natawhat September 12, 2019
Leaves skin soft (coconut oil) & is all natural
A friend recently told me that she uses this brand of bath care product because it was all natural and tear free. I purchased the lotion, and absolutely love it. I like that it is 100% all natural ingredients as well as a natural scent. Try it you will love it too! I did after reading the ingredients (sweet almond oil, rose water, & coconut oil). It leaves my little one with soft skin! By justin June 30, 2019
Moisturizes well
The lotion feels rich and hydrating without being greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin when I use it on my hands. I like the rose smell, but my child doesn't. It works wonderfully to moisturize, soften and soothe my child's face rash. To change the smell to something that my child likes, I apply another lotion afterward. Really happy to have finally found an organic lotion that moisturizes well without being greasy. By JY May 05, 2019
No residue!
I ordered these specifically to try on my two and four year old. My four year old has severe eczema and dry skin and allergies to a lot of different things, this lotion and the body wash have not irritated it or made it worse since we started using it! It’s a little pricey for the size when you have more than one kid (I have three) but a little goes a long way and no yucky residue! By Alicia Sharp May 15, 2019
Naturally natural
Every time, before giving something to my baby I always try it on myself. The texture of this lotion is nice. And it looks like economy, because that amount was enough for two my full arms. The smell is neutral, as for me. Just lotion smell, nothing extra and that good, it shows the natural ingredients for sensitive baby skin. And inside is a coupon for gift) By Kate June 30, 2019
Sensitive baby touch
A great addition to my baby care products. The lotion makes the skin gentle to the touch. 5 stars - highly recommended By Pavel Hadjiev April 18, 2019
This product works amazing! My baby has extremely sensitive skin and the natural products in this completely keep from any skin reactions or uncomfortableness. The price for the size of the product is reasonable. It also sets into the skin fairly quickly. By tabatha shuttleworth July 02, 2019
Smells good!
Lotion works really good. Doesnt leave a residue and has a soft fragrance smell. No allergic reaction noted after use. By Brittany May 13, 2019
Liked the creamy texture
Had some leaking inside the packaging when I got it but other than that it works great but is very pricey for such small bottles. Would love to buy more but to pricey. By Anonymous August 28, 2019
No nice scent when smelling from bottle!
Once trying the product I will write a better review but for now I would just like to say that I was pretty let down by the scent of the product, it almost smells like non scented lotion ...just a chemical smell to me but one of the reasons I chose it was because of the reviews stating it had a great almost rose like smell! Maybe once on baby I will be able to smell it better or my sense of smell will be better after delivery, so I still want to give it a fair chance! I still like the idea of the product and I'm hoping it feels great on baby skin! I'll be back with a better review in a month or so! Hopefully I didn't get a bad batch but it reminds me of old lotion a little bit :( By Tamara September 18, 2019
Gentle, great lotion
I am very happy with this lotion. It is a small amount but a little goes such a long way with a little baby! The smell is faint, and lovely, and I don't mind it being scented since all is natural. My baby has responded well to it, and we have so much left in the container after a month of use. By Mjo0505 July 23, 2019
Smells like roses/non-toxic
Great product. Smells like roses. Isn’t greasy. I’m glad I can use it on my daughter without worrying she’s going to lick it off. I even use it on my own face. By Lexus May 25, 2019
The best organic lotion!
This lotion is the best, not greasy like others. Absorbs from my daughter’s skin in seconds. Very well done for organic product. I recommend this product to any baby! By D. Suessegger May 28, 2019
Completely unscented
It’s soft lotion and goes on nicely but there is absolutely no scent to it if that matters to you. By Momof2 July 31, 2019
Great natural ingredients lotion
Baby skin is very sensitive, that’s why I choose this lotion because it made from all natural ingredients. The scent is so sweet. The price is acceptable for the product that made from natural ingredient. It’s very soft and gentle for skin. By Diem Phan July 02, 2019
Good stuff
Very good stuff u don’t need much a little goes a long way each one lasts a month. My baby likes to put her hands in her mouth so I didn’t want her eating chemicals and bad stuff. I feel good about this lotion and the soap too By Alexanda Y. August 21, 2019
Body lotion
I love that this lotion doesn't have a smell ad we use this after the lavender body wash. I love that it is also made with all natural ingredients. It soaks in right away no greasy or sticky feeling. A little bit goes a long way. By Rhonda May 18, 2019
Worth a try
Smells great. Seems to be moisturizing well. By Frantz Derenoncourt May 06, 2019
Great purchase
Really love the feel of this lotion. Not too heavy or oily. Great for the little one! By dominique May 07, 2019
Bottle design is great, lotion smells good, and applies even better!
I love the smell of this lotion! It’s a unique fragrance, almost sweet. The bottle is easy to use, I can access lotion with one hand. My baby has eczema and I feel very good about putting this lotion on him. It’s all natural, and won’t irritate skin. It applies great, it’s not too thick, and feels light on your skin. By Nina May 07, 2019
Great lotion
This smells really good. Makes skin soft! I'm extremely happy with this product By Amazon Customer May 13, 2019
A lotion that actually WORKS (and not just on babies)
This is the 3rd Babyology product I've tried (the other 2 being the diaper rash cream and the shampoo) and I have loved all of them. This lotion I especially love. The ingredients are pure and natural (and edible!) and they actually soften skin. Even though it's for babies, I was curious and tried some on my own skin. My hands were dry and cracking for weeks, but after using this lotion they've become much softer. By Brenn May 16, 2019
Works so well!
This product applies so smoothly. The smell is divine while also being subtle and all-natural! It has really helped to clear dry skin and keep the skin moisturized. By Ashley Mason May 17, 2019
Amazing product will continue using it!
My baby girl is two months. Been using it for 3 weeks. Very thick, wish there was a different scent. Her skin feels softer. Her little fat rolls dont gest as red as they did before. By Tiffany May 26, 2019
Amazing and safe!
I feel so calm using this lotion on my baby. I don't get nervous when she decides to suck on the bottle or her hands. This lotion has a mild pleasant scent and is non greasy. My baby's skin feels so soft and smooth. By joe May 31, 2019
smells amazing
Keeps my dd skin feeling soft and smells great ! Also love that it is 100% edible since we’re at the hands and feet in her mouth stage ! Would highly recommend! By Jasmyn May 31, 2019
Great for baby.
Love this. Clean, lightweight, hint of rose smell. By Blacker Family June 14, 2019
Soft lotion
Lotion is soft and feels good to my skin and better yet it puts baby right to sleep after a bath and rub of lotion.. By Tyeshia Nyanthia Crowder June 18, 2019
smells nice, great ingredients . By Amazon Customer June 23, 2019
Great for little kids
Great for little kids By Avi June 25, 2019
Didn’t help with dry skin.
Smells great but didn’t help with my kids dry skin By Marlena Pikulinska June 27, 2019
Love the product! Natural and even edible! By Amazon Customer June 27, 2019
Good product
Smells nice but fine I have to reapply more than other lotions By Jami Biehl June 27, 2019
Rash free, great smell
Smells great, no rashes. Baby skin friendly. I am no more worried about my baby putting his hand in his mouth, I have edible lotion :) By Nidhi June 29, 2019
Naturally natural
Every time, before giving something to my baby I always try it on myself. The texture of this lotion is nice. And it looks like economy, because that amount was enough for two my full arms. The smell is neutral, as for me. Just lotion smell, nothing extra and that good, it shows the natural ingredients for sensitive baby skin. By Katy June 30, 2019
Love it
I love this lotion and so does my baby it’s not greasy like the rest and it smells soooo good By Jessicalynn July 01, 2019
Loved it
I loved this lotion worked very well for my sons skin even though he has eczema, most lotions make him break out but not this one. By Faith mclendon July 01, 2019
Worth the price
Slight baby fresh scent. Goes on a silky and begins to dry tacky but leaves my baby girl silky soft with no icky residue. I feel so much more comfortable with this line of products! By Alysa July 02, 2019
Great product
Leaves baby body soft! By Stephanie Gonzalez July 03, 2019
Product seen to be working, plus side is that it is edible. But too much money for amount u get By NICOLE July 10, 2019
Perfect for my kiddo
Love this natural product. I feel good about putting it on my baby By mamadirt July 10, 2019
Best baby moisturizer on the market
Having a lotion that's truly safe for my baby's skin is priceless! I love that every ingredient was thought out before being added. I can't wait to try the baby wash. The only con that I can think of is size. The bottle is definitely on the small side. By Ashley D July 10, 2019
Smells So Good
I absolutely love the smell of this lotion, and it leaves my baby feeling soft. By Amazon Customer July 14, 2019
Great product
Love it so much that I use it! By ZL July 15, 2019
Really like this lotion!
Purchased the lotion and it seems to moisturize very well. Soaks in without leaving your hands feeling greasy. Very light scent, almost unscented with a mild rose essence. Will definitely order again. By Amazon Customer July 18, 2019
Very gentle on baby skin
Too pricey By Renande August 02, 2019
Thumps up
This is an amazing lotion for baby skin By chaitanya August 07, 2019
Product came damaged
I love these products, but this lotion came busted. The wrapper was broken open and the box was soaked. I orders this as a gift and now I can’t give it By Tiffany Harris August 07, 2019
Organic and gentle
But the bundle, all products are organic and extremely gentle! By P. Servus August 27, 2019
Had some leaking inside the packaging when I got it but other than that it works great but is very pricey for such small bottles. Would love to buy more but to pricey. By Anonymous August 28, 2019
The Perfect Baby Lotion
I’m in love with this lotion. It leaves just a faint smell of roses on my baby’s skin, it’s not heavy but leaves her skin the way a baby’s should be, soft and silky. I do a little massage with it every night before her PJs and we’ve had no skin issues with her like we have with our other babies (they both had eczema). By Mckenna Brittney September 01, 2019
Great product
Love the fragrance! By Joshua September 06, 2019
Works great
I like the rose scent. My baby has eczema and has dry skin. This works really well after a bath to moisturize her skin. I can tell a big difference for a whole day afterwards. By Shawna September 06, 2019
Great baby lotion
Love it and my kids loved it too! By Grace V September 11, 2019
Best baby lotion!
Non-greasy. Very light, sweet scent. It's a great, affordable moisturizer that I feel safe putting on my newborn. By Toni September 13, 2019
Like it but...
I’m glad to find out about this edible lotion, but the only down side is that it’s kind expensive. Who’s the cost could be lower. Lol... By Cherie H September 16, 2019
Great moisturizer!
I am overall very happy with this product. The smell is mild, but reminds of beer a little bit, but didn’t bother me. If you prefer washes that lather well, this isn’t the body wash for you. The moisturizer is amazing though! It’s is super hydrating and leaves both my babes skin so soft without an oily residue. I will buy this again. By Lona September 18, 2019
Soft moisturizing
Soft smooth and hydrating. Worth it. Smells great. By H.Family September 24, 2019
Love the product but came broken
I just love the product but came broken. By genesis October 08, 2019