1. 06Apr

    8 Fun Things You Can do in the Bath with your Little One

    Convincing your child to go and take a bath is one thing... but making them stay in the bath to clean up is another!

    Don’t worry, it’ll only take some bathwater, some toys, and a dash of creativity to make bath time into bonding playtime!

    A little warning though: these will ensure that your kids will WANT TO take a bath EVERY SINGLE DAY! Keep your water bill in check!

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  2. 29Mar

    6 Tips to Rocking Your Life as a New Dad

    Okay, first thing’s first – we need to address the fact that babies aren’t all created equal. This means that they may have a full head of hair upon being born or be completely bald! That’s totally normal.

    Caring for your baby’s head and scalp (with hair or not, it’ll grow eventually!) is something that parents all need to learn. So, let’s discuss some of the tips, tricks, facts, and frequently asked questions you may have about caring for your loved one’s hair.

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  3. 02Jun

    Baby Proofing Your Home: Protect Your Baby and Your Home at the Same Time

    Baby proofing your home is hardly a one-time event. As your child grows, so do potential hazards they’ll face and opportunities for your child to dirty and destroy your home that you just spent what felt like hours making spotless. Because let’s face it – although small, children have the unique ability to get into everything and create disorder. Protecting your child as well as your home means preventing accidents and staying ahead of their little curiosities.

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  4. 06Apr

    Using Baby Shampoo on Your Pet: The Lowdown

    We pet owners try to make sure we have all bases covered and have our pet’s health and personal needs taken care of at all times, and that includes having the pet version of many of the things we ourselves need: from food to blankets to medicine.

    Our pets also need bathing from time to time, but what if we find we’ve run out of our go-to dog or cat shampoo and need a quick fix?

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  5. 19Feb

    How to Choose the Best Lotion for Your Baby’s Skin Type

    To most of us, all babies have perfectly soft, unblemished skin that we wish we could have for ourselves.  Their skin is so new and so unexposed to the elements, how could it not be? 

    But did you know that babies, just like the rest of us, have different skin types – and some of those skin types come with more challenges and issues than others.

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  6. 10Dec

    Choose the Right Lotion for Your Baby

    Newborns may look soft and perfect to us but even they can get dry skin. In their first few weeks their bodies are still adapting to the outside environment and sometimes this leads to rash and rough patches. If eczema runs in your family then the likelihood of skin irritation for your baby is even higher. We use lotion on ourselves when we feel dry and itchy but is lotion for babies a safe idea?


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  7. 20Nov

    When To Start Bathing Your Newborn and How to Choose the Right Product

    Giving your baby a bath can be tricky if you’re a new parent. Each baby is different when it comes to how enjoyable bath time is, but in every case, there are important things to think about, especially when it comes to your baby’s safety and health.

    One of these important factors is baby bath products. When should you start using bath products on your little one? And what kind of products are the safest and most optimal to use?

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