1. 20Oct

    Halloween Fun Starts Now

    With Halloween just around the corner, we cannot help, but feel festive!

    It is a holiday that your little one will grow up looking forward to. And having in mind that toddlerhood is a period in which many milestones are experienced, it is vital that you include the tiny, already demanding for independence pumpkin, in various activities, which will allow him to explore and grow his different cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills. 

    DIY-ing your spooky attire is an excellent way to start your series of pre-Halloween festivities. 

    Here are some ideas.

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  2. 12Oct

    Babyology’s Products Honored For A Second Year

    The Global Beauty and Wellness Awards Society has honored Babyology's products for a second time.

    The beloved by many parents Babyology’s Natural Lotion and our newest product – the Organic Calming Baby Massage Oil, made no exception and obtained the positions of "Best Organic and Natural Baby Lotion" and "Best Organic and Natural Baby Oil" for 2021.

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  3. 05Oct

    Quick and Easy Self-Care Ideas for Busy Parents

    Whether you’re a new parent or someone who’s already been running around with a couple of toddlers for years, you’ll realize that you’ll have less time for yourself. A parent will naturally put their children’s well-being first, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to neglect yourself.

    Being able to take care of yourself is one way to give your child the best care you can provide. A physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy parent can better provide the best care for their children.

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  4. 21Sep

    Debunking Common Myths About Your Child’s Hair

    As a parent of a baby or a toddler, you’ll probably hear a lot of “facts” or “myths” about treating your child’s hair. While some tips may not hurt and are actually helpful, there are a lot of myths that are not worth believing. Learn what’s real from these common myths and save yourself from trying out unnecessary ways of caring for your child’s hair.

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  5. 14Sep

    The Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Parent

    Working at home while being able to take care of kids is not something anyone can handle. Some parents will feel more at peace being near their children and being able to attend to their needs at any moment. On the other hand, some need to separate work from their personal lives to be able to thrive in both. Each family’s needs are different, and each choice is not meant for everyone.

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  6. 31Aug

    6 Ways to Convince Your Child to Take a Bath

    Getting children to take a bath is a challenge for a lot of parents. Bathing is one of the things parents of toddlers dread the most. While it seems to be a simple and easy task for most, it is quite a challenge for parents of younger kids or toddlers.

    Here are six simple ways that may help you encourage your kids to consider taking a bath.


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  7. 24Aug

    Encouraging Your Kids to Play Sports

    Children ages one to six are still developing all the basic motor skills they need to participate in activities such as sports when they are older. It is important to remember that each child’s growth and development vary from the other. This is why there are different ways you can help and support them in taking part in physical activities as early as you can into their toddler years.

    Here are some ways to motivate and involve your kids in sports:

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  8. 10Aug

    Positive Parenting: Getting Your Child to Listen

    Disciplining and teaching your child to be obedient is part and parcel of being a parent. However, while teaching children to behave appropriately might come easily and naturally to some parents, many others face challenges in different situations.

    If you’re a parent looking for a way to learn how to discipline your child, here are five ways you can get your child to listen without aggression or other actions that may result in negative outcomes.

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  9. 27Jul

    Postpartum Care: A quick guide on how moms should take care of themselves after childbirth

    Whether it’s looking out for your weight, trying to find time to socialize, or making yourself mentally healthy, the postpartum period can be an incredibly daunting challenge that many moms can potentially face.

    Here are Babyology’s tips for moms and families going through the postpartum period.

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  10. 20Jul

    How to make the most out of your time with your kids

    "I’m too busy.”

    At one point or another, we can’t help but utter the words above, as the nature of our work and business forces us to succumb to pressure, deadlines, and stress.

    Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

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