Top Baby Bath Time Myths... Debunked!

Top Baby Bath Time Myths... Debunked! 11May

Milk bathing, anti-bacterial toiletries, using adult products on baby’s skin? It’s time to settle all the debates and arguments about baby skincare!

Here are the top baby bath time myths debunked so that you can bathe your little one in confidence!


Myth 1

“Bathe your daughter in milk! She’ll have great skin!”

Let’s start with the obvious. Bathing in milk really isn’t the factor for your baby’s great skin. While it has some use cases (especially breastmilk) where you can apply it for rashes, acne, or eczema, milk baths aren’t at all required to maintain the skin quality of your baby.

What you should use instead are gentle body washes and lotions to keep your baby’s skin clean and moisturized.


Myth 2

“Your son needs anti-bacterial soap so that he’s cleaner!”

While it is true that some anti-bacterial soaps can eliminate bacteria and keep skin cleaner, it is not sound advice to use them daily, as it may do more harm than good. Daily use of anti-bacterial soap may result in further resistance against bacteria – including the harmless ones needed by the body. You can opt for safer and more organic alternatives instead.


Myth 3

“Just use regular soap on your baby so that her skin will get used to its chemicals!”

Now, this is just plain wrong. A regular adult is usually exposed to the outside world, including pollution, harsh weather conditions, and other chemicals. Thus, parents and adults need a stronger resistance and formulation to wash all the dirt away, hence the stronger formulation.

For a baby’s tender and delicate skin, however, you’re going to need something that is compatible with their age, as well as their still developing skin. Be mindful that the epidermis of a baby is just a third of the thickness level of adults’ skin. Sweat glands are less effective as well, making temperature regulation not as easy as compared to adults.

What this all means is that baby’s skin needs more attention and care – and to do this, you need the right body wash and lotion that’s both gentle and effective at cleaning.


Myth 4

“Stop giving long baths to your child! They might get sick!”

This myth would depend on how long you think “long baths” are. But experts say that a good 20-minute bath should be enough for your baby. Quite long, right? Well, think of the extra time on the tub as bonding time for you and your baby. This won’t only help you keep your baby clean, it’s also great for their brain development. However, you should only do this type of 20-minute bath at least 2 to 3 times a week. Most days, baby will be fine with just a quick pat-down.


Myth 5

“Why do you put on lotion? Babies don’t need to moisturize!”

On the contrary, babies do need to moisturize like adults, too! Even though they have soft and smooth skin, babies need some protection from dryness as well to prevent rashes and irritation. After bathing, you can use a lotion such as Babyology’s Natural Baby Lotion which is rich in key oils and extracts to keep your baby’s skin soft, healthy, and supple.


Myth 6

“More suds mean a cleaner bath!”

One of the biggest myths and misconceptions about suds and squeaking is that their presence is an indication of what makes baby’s skin clean. There are even terms like “Suds up!”, or “Squeaky clean!”, but these are actually quite harmful for infants.

Excessive and soapy suds are usually associated with aggressive and more chemical-based cleansers which are not recommended for baby’s skin. Also, the squeaky sound is there when you strip off baby from natural oils. This means that squeaky isn’t necessarily clean, nor healthy!


Taking care of your baby’s skin might be tough, and all the other myths floating around the internet and the old wives’ club can leave a lot of parents in doubt. Thankfully, products like Babyology’s Natural Baby Wash and Shampoo, as well as the Natural Baby Lotion can keep bath time, easy, fun, and most importantly, safe.