Top 6 Fun Winter Activities You Can Do with Your Family

Top 6 Fun Winter Activities You Can Do with Your Family 17Jan

Another year has passed, so winter activities are again on the rise. While not all of us may be a fan of this bone-chilling season, winter has always been one of the many holidays that children look forward to throughout the year.

To make this holiday even more special to the kids, doing activities they will enjoy is something all families should do. Spending quality time with the whole family during this season will positively affect the children's development.

While there are many activities you can do with the whole family, we listed the top 6 activities you can do with your family this winter season.


Christmas Bazaar

In every holiday, community-wide celebrations are not uncommon. Spending the holidays with other families in Christmas-themed places is one of the events that many families like yourself love enjoying.

Christmas bazaars tend to be very crowded places. When visiting these places, ensure you don’t lose sight of your family. Having a clear itinerary will also help plot out your time so that you and your family can make the most out of your adventure.


Snow Fight

Winter is not complete without having a traditional snow fight with your family and friends. Exchanging snowballs while defending your base can be an unforgettable bonding moment. Drinking some hot cocoa after an exhausting snowball fight is a good way to end the game.

The most ideal place for a snowball fight is an open area filled with snow like your backyard or a park. To maximize your experience, an open space with little to no strangers will prove useful for you to lessen unwanted casualties.



Making snowmen in winter is the most common snow-related activity anyone can do this season. Not only is this activity suitable for all ages, but the materials needed to make a snowman are already present in any household.

There's only one thing you need when building a snowman – snow. It takes up 90% of the snowman's entire body. You can use sticks for its arms, pebbles or charcoals for the face, and a carrot for the nose.

The best place to build a snowman is in a flat area under the shade. Building the snowman under shade will help protect it from the sun and prolong its lifespan. If you live in an apartment or a place with limited open areas, doing winter family activities in parks is an option.



Sledding is an activity where anyone can slide down a snow hill using a sled. While it may sound simple at first glance, sledding is a winter activity anyone can enjoy regardless of age.

Always ensure your family – especially the kids – is safe when sledding. Although sledding is one of the most enjoyable winter activities, an injury can dampen the mood in less than a second.

The number one thing everyone needs when sledding is a sled. If the snow is coming down and you want to hit the slopes, but you and your family are without a sled, don't fret because you can create one in less than ten minutes. 

With some rope, durable material for the base, and screws or nails to tie them all together, you can now enjoy this winter family activity to the fullest.



If you’re looking for a little more adventure or finesse for your holidays, you can always try and visit an ice rink and try ice skating. Whether you’re trying to perfect your moves or still practicing your balance, nothing will quite beat gliding through an ice rink outdoors to usher in the spirit of the season.

If your child is trying to try the ice rink for the first time, ensure that they are wearing proper protective clothing at all times. Having someone guide them through the rink while they explore will ensure that they don’t get injured while having fun.


Build a Pillow Fort

There are many things you can do to enjoy the cold season. But when the weather gets a little too harsh, there is only so much you can do to keep your kids entertained in winter. Building a pillow fort is an excellent way to keep your kids engaged and spend quality time with them.

Choose your location wisely when building your pillow fort. When the weather is cold, a cozy spot close to a heater is better than a window or entrance. Cold air enters through windows and doors, and building the fort close to such places will only turn your cozy build into an ice castle.

Using chairs or the couch when building a fort is a good start. You can lay your blankets on the chairs as the roof and line cushions or pillows around your fort to serve as the walls.


Warm Your Home with Your Family This Winter

Listed above are some fun winter activities you can do to spend time with your family this season. Regardless of what you plan on doing with your children, it is essential to enjoy each moment.

When spending time with the kids, remember to keep their skin healthy and moist to protect them from the changing climate.