Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Baby Showers

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Baby Showers 17May

Baby showers became a thing back in the 20th century after Emily Post introduced them as an idea in her book "Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage."
They were usually held in the early afternoons, with only female friends and relatives of the mommy-to-be as guests.
Sprinkling positivity and much needed support for the expecting momma, the event nested within the traditions of many cultures.

Nowadays, it is a highly anticipated occasion, which usually does take a lot of time to plan. So if you are the one in charge of your own or a friend's baby shower organization, be sure to keep on reading.

But where do you start from?



Themes. They are central to these types of parties not only because they make them more special but because they provide a starting point. The activities, foods, drinks, and shower favors will be chosen based on the theme. And the theme could be connected to anything and everything - a country, a favourite artist, a time period in history, you name it.

One idea is to be revolving around the season in which the baby is expected to be born. For example, a momma waiting for a baby girl in December can have a shower inspired by the Nutcracker. Imagine the adorable decoration – all-white Christmas trees and sugarplum fairies dancing gracefully down the ceiling. And the snacks - cake pops and cookies in the shape of snowflakes. So cute!

Another way to go is to take a fictional character as an inspiration. Peter Pan shower can be the perfect fit for a mommy expecting a little boy. An enchanting Neverland atmosphere and lots of healthy woodland treats. Just allow your imagination to wander.




The activities can include anything and nothing if a relaxed get-together is what you fancy.

However, a Baby's Wish Book is a 'must do' no matter your plans for the party.

Buy a hardcover notebook, decorate it and invite all guests to leave their good wishes for the soon expected little one. It will remain a keepsake from the day - a testimonial of the love and the anticipation for the birth of the new family member.

Source: Fynes Designs


Food and Drinks

Foods and drinks at baby showers are usually light and healthy, with the dietary restrictions of the mom-to-be taken into account.

An example menu can include tea sandwiches - their endless list of variations applies to every taste and preference. The cucumber-cream cheese and mortadella-watercress combinations are certainly everyone’s favorite!

Cupcakes are never not a good idea, especially sugar-free ones. Raw candy and different oat bars are, too, a great and nourishing option that will fit to every guest’s liking.

When it comes to the drinks, one of the things that women miss most during pregnancy is their Mojito or Margarita treat on a Friday evening, and therefore a selection of a few nice mocktails is sure to lift the mood. 

The Rose Lemon Spritzer and Peach Shrub Mocktail, for example, are fresh, delicate, and so pretty looking.

Source: Half-Baked Harvest


Shower Favors

Shower favors are little gifts given to the baby shower guests as a souvenir. They are not necessary, but if the budget allows them, they are a wonderful way to say, 'Thank you!' for the time and attention.

A scented candle, bubble bath bomb, or a box of sweet treats are usually the favors of choice that mommies or the party organizers settle for. But they can be as diverse and unconventional as you want them to be. It’s your party after all.



Gift lists

Are you for or against gift lists? Many people are somehow still biased by the idea of providing guests with a gift list beforehand.

But think about this, your shower guests will buy a present anyway, it better be something you will actually put into use.

Instead of putting it as 'We need a stroller, baby monitor, crib mattress, and so on,' word it as 'We've got a crib, stroller, and a baby monitor, but we're still missing a crib mattress, nasal aspirator, and a playmat' - you will make their gift shopping much easier, letting them know what you need and don't need.


There you go. You've completed your baby shower crash course, and you are ready now to tackle the organization of your own!