The Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Parent

The Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Parent 14Sep

Even before the pandemic, working from home has been an option that parents already considered. For those with the chance to work from home, this can be either a privilege or a dilemma. While it is advantageous to many parents who need more time to balance and fulfil their responsibilities at home and work, there are a lot of unexpected challenges that parents might consider counterproductive.

Working at home while being able to take care of kids is not something anyone can handle. Some parents will feel more at peace being near their children and being able to attend to their needs at any moment. On the other hand, some need to separate work from their personal lives to be able to thrive in both. Each family’s needs are different, and each choice is not meant for everyone.

Every advantage has a downside which is why parents must weigh out their options and consider the choice that will work best for their situation. Go over all the pros and cons of working from home and outside and think about how it would change the way you manage the professional and personal aspects of your life.


1. Decreased Productivity at Home

Working from home will be overwhelming at times, especially on days when you’ll need to handle more things than usual.

Taking care of your kids and trying to get tasks done at work is just difficult. Maintaining a full-time schedule can be exhausting and can cause you to get burnt out eventually. It can also affect your productivity and the quality of your work. Setting boundaries can help you come up with a plan that will not compromise your performance at work.

2. Home Distractions

There are certainly more distractions at home than working at the office. Aside from the temptation of being on your phone or browsing social media sites, your little ones might beg for your attention most of the time. You might also consider working on chores, doing errands, and even take a nap when working at home. Thus, the pressure to be more focused and get more tasks done is expounded.

3. Lack of Work-Life Balance

Yes, you read it right!

Working while trying to take care of your kids simultaneously can impact your work-life balance negatively. There will be times when you’ll simply have too much on your plate, which could lead you to become mentally and physically drained.

Instead of having more time for yourself or your kids, you might find yourself working longer hours than usual.

Set some boundaries and follow a strict schedule for yourself and your family. Dedicate a specific time and area for your work.



1. More time with family

With less time needed for getting ready and traveling to work, you can focus on taking care of your family. You’ll have more time to get them ready for school, prepare healthy meals, and watch over them throughout the day. You’ll also have more time for yourself as long as you are able to manage both your home and work responsibilities effectively.

2. Reduced childcare costs

While this does not apply to everyone, parents who do not work at home may be obliged to leave their children in the care of a babysitter or leave them at daycare.

Both options will cost you a considerable amount. As such, working from home may free you from these expenses, allowing you to save more money for other important things.

3. Flexible Hours

Working from home gives you added flexibility that will allow you to make positive changes to your home and the way you raise your child.

Being at home will allow you to watch over your child, allow you to homeschool them, and plan a better schedule for you and your kids to spend time with each other.

Tips for Work at Home Parents

If you’ve decided that working from home is the best option for you, there are a lot of tips you can follow to avoid its disadvantages and enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Being at home the entire day doesn’t equate to being with your kids all the time. While you may be at home, you might only be dedicating a small inch of your attention to them. Give them something to look forward to and dedicate a specific time for your kids. This can be as simple as spending an hour playing with them, giving them a fun and relaxing bath, or tucking them into bed.

Make even the simple things special. Making bath time fun is one way to spend some time with your little one without taking too much time away from work. For baths, we recommend using something like Babyology’s Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo. Designed to take care of your baby’s skin, you’ll be able to focus on having fun in the bath and spending quality time with them, rather than worrying and stressing about potentially dangerous ingredients that could harm your baby’s health.

Giving them something to look forward to will help keep them from seeking your attention the entire day. Be consistent, and you’ll be able to build better habits and effectively separate the personal and professional aspects of your life.