Taking Care of Baby Twins – 7 Tips That Make It Easier

Taking Care of Baby Twins – 7 Tips That Make It Easier 21Mar

Are you expecting twins?

You feel double the joy and double the excitement but also experience double the concern of the what-ifs and have double the questions a parent-to-be might have.

This is understandable. It's normal to be apprehensive about the quest of parenting a set of twins. After all, it's definitely not an easy thing to do. The good news is that others have been there before you, so there is a fair amount of advice that you can consider taking. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of tips to make caring for your twins a bit easier. Let’s dive in.


There is no need to buy two of everything

Most parents do their big buys before the arrival of the baby.

In your case, do not be in a rush. Of course, two car seats and two cribs are necessary, but leave all additional items, such as rocking chairs, gyms, and walkers post-welcoming your twins. Why? Because you might discover that one of the two does not like to spend time in the rocking chair, and you might see that the other does not enjoy being left playing at the baby gym, so what will be the use of two?


Choose gender-neutral clothes

This applies to parents that expect a boy and a girl combo.

Buying gender-neutral clothes will save you a lot of frustration and hours spent sorting pink and blue miniature socks and mittens among the towers of laundry baskets that you will need to go through.


Co-bedding and sleeping schedule

Physicians recommend parents to avoid co-bedding, especially when the babies start to become more mobile.

When it comes to applying the same sleeping routine schedule for both twins, it is really the best thing you can do for them, and for yourself.

However, as you can guess, this task is easier said than done. But as a start, try to keep them awake at the same time and put them down simultaneously, as well. And if one refuses to sleep, no matter what you do, just leave him be and try again tomorrow. Yes, it will be exhausting, but we promise that everything will fall into place eventually. Consistency is the key!


Safe Bath-time

Babies are fragile in their first months and need a lot of hands-on attention. Therefore, it is much better to bathe them one at a time until they can hold their neck still and sit unassisted.

Keep your other baby in a stroller basket or steady your crib nearby, while washing your other baby and switch.

Make sure everything is prepared in advance to have on hand - towels, shampoo, diapers, cream, lotion, etc., and tackle the task slowly but steadily, making the safety of the babies a priority.


Dealing with crying twin

First, check if both are out of danger and unharmed. Then, try to prioritize. Tend to the baby that seems more uneasy first - did his pacifier fall? Is he wet? Is he getting hungry? Is he sleepy or uncomfortable? If you have an answer to any of those questions, respond to the need accordingly. If you don't, try to distract them with a toy or a song. If that does not help either, allow them to cry it out.

Yes, that might break your heart, and yes, it is noisy, but if they appear perfectly healthy and you have done everything else to soothe them, there is no harm in leaving them crying. They will very soon get tired and stop. And do not feel guilty about doing so, excessive crying stages are a common thing, and sometimes leaving them be is the best thing you can do. Think of it this way, you are teaching your babies to be more resilient early on.


Ask for help 

Asking for help does not mean that you are failing. On the other hand, it is a step in the right direction. Looking after twins can be exhausting – physically, mentally even emotionally, and it is crucial that you take good care of yourself, too.

Help could also mean someone sharing a useful tip of a hack. Join some twin-parenting groups online and reach out for a piece of advice when needed - people there will speak from experience.


Final thoughts 

The number one tip we can give is actually the most obvious one - listen to yourself and your two blessings. Take it easy, and don't be too hard on yourself. Remember, this is a learning process, and it is normal to make mistakes.

For those of you who are past the early days challenge of looking after baby twins – what advice and tips can you give? Share them below!