Pregnant in the Summer? We’ve Got the Tips You Need!

Pregnant in the Summer? We’ve Got the Tips You Need! 12Jul

Hi there, future mamma!

There certainly are many advantages to being pregnant in the summer, however, in the high heat, things can get uncomfortable. Follow up on our six tips on how to stay happy and safe during your summer pregnancy.


1. Drink your water

Yes, you've heard this a ton of times, but it's especially important now that the temperatures are going up and up. And if drinking enough water is still not a habit of yours, there are ways in which you can help yourself.

There are apps dedicated to reminding you to take a healthy amount of sips daily. The Hydro Coach and the Daily Water Tracker Reminder, for example, are simple and easy to use.

Another crucial assistant in your water habituation could be the water bottles with time markers, as they subtly remind you of your portion as you carry them on the go.

H2O Capsule


And if the case is that you struggle with water because you simply don't like its taste or its lack of taste, to be more precise, then make some iced tea.

Play around with different herbs, fruits, and flavors. Well-chiller red raspberry leaf tea combined with some mint, lemon juice and honey are a particularly good combo. Maybe add a splash of club soda to add some texture to it, and voila, your daily water intake has immediately increased.

Source: Eating on a Dime

2. Eat fresh

Cravings and food preferences are, of course, individual, but summer always blesses us with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables - make sure you take advantage of that.

Source: Well plated by Erin

Just keep in mind that some fruits like watermelon, grape, mango, cherry, fig, and banana are sugar-rich and, if consumed without measure, can raise blood sugars and trigger or increase gestational diabetes. But as the saying goes, everything in nature is about balance, so if you keep your diet such, then there is no need of adding extra stress to your daily routine.

Avoid seafood if you are living or spending time by the ocean, and overall, aim for light food full of fiber and vitamins.


3. Make sunscreen your new best friend

During pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive than usual. To prevent pigmentation and other irritations, apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen every day.

Choose an all-natural product that will be gentle on your skin but hard against the UV rays. Earth Mama’s Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lotion with organic argan and red raspberry seed oil is a good choice.


And Babo Botanicals’ Super Shield Natural Sport Stick is perfect to throw in a handbag.

4. Invest in a pair of sandals

Puffy feet are something most pregnant women experience. And yes, the summer heat can increase the chances of swelling, that's why we advise you to skip on the closed shoes and invest in a good pair of sandals that will be easy to slip on and off and will have the arch support you will need.

Birkenstock's sandals are, as found in reviews, preferred by many expecting ladies. 

5. Choose clothes that can breathe

Definitely a must!

Think linen and cotton when buying maternity clothes for the summer.

Wide maxi dresses and maternity cover-ups are items you would like to have in your wardrobe. Biker shorts are comfortable and, when worn with a shirt, do make a cute outfit!

Source: Meagan’s Moda

Search for some inspiration and style that bump like no other!

Oh, and something else, it's not breathable, but it's cooling and helpful in its own means. Freezable bra inserts exist, and if you get hot in there, as many other mamas do, find yourself a few. It's a bargain worth every penny!

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6. Make your afternoon rest a great one

Last but not least, heat can be tiring, so lay down when you need to.

Pregnancy pillows are necessary, as getting comfortable in bed while pregnant can be challenging.


Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow

And if a full-body pillow is not your thing, then smaller wedges for belly support are available, as well. Figure out what works best for you.

Baby Works Pregnancy Wedge Pillow



True, it's sometimes daunting to be pregnant during those hot summer months, but it is also awesome in a lot of ways. Stay cool, calm, and comfortable, and everything shall be alright!