SOS, I Don’t Have a Baby Name Yet!

SOS, I Don’t Have a Baby Name Yet! 11Jan

In some cultures, people consider names to have magical powers. They view them as spells, which, based on the meaning, can predetermine a person's virtues and whole life path ahead - his strengths and weaknesses, his talents and faults, his struggles and victories.

And whether you believe in this or not, you can agree that the name is the first gift that the baby receives from his parents. And understandably so, the parents want it to be the best one out there - aligned with family traditions, yet modern and original, not too eccentric, but memorable, not too long, nor not too short.

It can easily get overwhelming, can't it? And pretty difficult to decide.

So, here's what you can do...


Consider vintage names

Who said old names are boring? It's quite the opposite, actually!

A name does not have to appear in the top 1,000 name lists to be suitable. Namely, the fact that it is old-fashioned and rare will make it distinctive and special.

Posy, for example, is an antique female English name, which means "a bunch of flowers" - how beautiful does it sound? And its uncommonness will definitely make your precious angel stand out. Other examples of forgotten girl names that need a come-back are - Jemima, Edda, Verona, and Evangeline. They sound unusual yet feminine and sophisticated.

When it comes to vintage boy names, they sound noble, firm, and definite. For instance, Alistair, Benedict, Radley, and Kenton. 


Honor your culture

Gifting your baby with a name inspired by your cultural background is a beautiful way to honor your ancestry.

Research traditional names that resonate with your culture and its history. If you have Italian roots, then Francesca, Livia, Vittoria, Gaia, and Alessia, can be a good match for your little girl. If you are of German descent and expect a boy, then the names Klaus, Fredrick, Leopold, Karl, and Morgen can be fitting.

Browse further through your family tree to discover more!


Get inspired by the world around you

There is something truly exceptional in environment-inspired names. They carry a vibration and energy that is beyond comprehension.

You can research for nature-related names - for example, Lei, spelled with an "i", is a Chinese female name, which means "thunderous mound of rocks", and Javor, a Slavic male name that means "maple tree".

Or you can opt for names with celestial meaning, such as Maristella, for girl - it means "star of the sea" and it comes from Spain, and Ravi, for boy, in Sanskrit it means "sun".


Think about where you've been

Places resonate with people. Sometimes to the extent that they name their children after them. Make a list of all locations that have left a positive mark on you. Do any of those say something more to you?

Some suggestions for location-inspired names for girls are - Adelaide, a city in Australia, Sahara, the great desert in the continent of Africa, Georgia, a country in between Europe and Asia, and Madison, the capital of Wisconsin.

And for boys - Albany, the capital of the state of New York, Rome, a city in Italy, and Israel, and Jordan, like the countries.


Reflect on your favorite characters' names

Certain characters become personal heroes to us. That is why a literary or screen-icon baby name is always an excellent idea to consider.

To illustrate, Harry's position in the name charts rose significantly once the "Harry Potter" series started to gain recognition. The same applies to the female names Arya, Daenerys, and Brienne, which became popular when the show "Game of Thrones" aired.

Think about the characters that had an impact on you. How are they called, and would you like your baby to resemble them?


Final thoughts

Indeed, it's not the easiest decision to make. But whether you're after a traditional or unusual name, take your time to browse and explore. Your instinct will surely guide you, selecting the most suitable name for your baby!