6 Ways to Convince Your Child to Take a Bath

6 Ways to Convince Your Child to Take a Bath 31Aug

Getting children to take a bath is a challenge for a lot of parents. Bathing is one of the things parents of toddlers dread the most. While it seems to be a simple and easy task for most, it is quite a challenge for parents of younger kids or toddlers.

Bathing toddlers can be a lot of work. If you have stubborn or playful children, it will be a challenge to get them to do many things. That includes getting them to take a bath. With something as basic and important as taking a bath, parents might have to resort to different methods or techniques to encourage their kids to do so.

Here are six simple ways that may help you encourage your kids to consider taking a bath.


1. Discover Why They Don’t Want a Bath

There is probably a reason why your child refuses to get in the bathroom and take a bath. Your toddlers may actually be scared of taking a bath for a number of reasons. They might be scared of something or might feel uneasy in the bathroom.

Whatever your methods or ways of bathing are, encouraging your kids to take a bath starts by figuring out why they hate doing it in the first place. Did they have an unpleasant experience? Perhaps something scares them or makes them feel uneasy? This way, you can address the main reason why they fear or refuse to take a bath in the first place. The reason can be as simple as being scared of getting soap in their eyes or feeling cold after every bath.


2. Try Different Methods

Are you using a bathtub? They might feel uncomfortable with it, so try switching to using the shower. Kids who fear water may not appreciate a bathtub’s depth, so using the shower will be much simpler. If it is not an option, opt for a tub made for toddlers or use less water. Having a sponge bath is also another way.

Your kids might also have a bad memory either in the tub or shower. Check if there’s anything in your bathroom that your child may not like or feel uncomfortable with. The time they’re taking a bath may also play a part in their reluctance to take a bath. Bath time might be interrupting their playtime, which is one simple reason they might refuse to take a bath. Letting them know one or two hours in advance may help ease them into taking a bath without hesitation.


3. Stay With Your Child

Some parents tend to leave their kids in the tub for a while to play. While you may leave them in safe and hazard-free surroundings, they might not like being left alone in the bathroom. A lot of kids simply don’t like being left alone.

Stay with them throughout their bath and try reducing the time they spend in the tub or bathroom. See if it helps encourage them to take a bath. Eventually, transition them into taking baths on their own as they get older and feel more comfortable with being left alone.


4. Make Bath Time Fun

Bath time can be boring for toddlers. This is probably one of the reasons why it’s challenging to get them to take a bath. The solution is simple: make it fun for them. Turn it into a bubble bath, or perhaps give them toys and make them do quick activities in the bath. You can find toys meant for use in the tub, such as bathtub crayons or bubbles.

You can also stick small decorations in your bathroom or tub walls to keep them distracted or amused. You can also set aside toys that they can only play with when taking a bath. This will make them feel excited and look forward to taking a bath every time.


5. Reward them After a Bath

Kids are most likely to enjoy or encourage to do things if they are given a prize or reward. So, give them a small reward after taking each bath. If treats or toys are too much for you, you can even use stickers or drop a coin in a jar for them after every single bath. It doesn’t matter how small or big the reward is. Seeing their prize or merit is enough to motivate them to do things sincerely and wholeheartedly.


6. Use bath products specifically for babies

More often than not, us parents would typically be more encouraged to give baths when we TRUST the products we’re using. We always want what’s best for our kids, after all!

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