6 Summer Date Ideas for Mommies and Their Little Ones

6 Summer Date Ideas for Mommies and Their Little Ones 13Jul

As summer is already here, we bet you’re wondering what to do with your little one in your spare time. Play games? Or go for a walk? How could you make these activities entertaining and memorable for your kid?

We all know that spending one-on-one time with your little ones is so precious! This way, you make them feel special and allow them to do whatever they like as your relationship with them grows stronger.

And summer is just the perfect season to do great things outdoors with your little sweethearts! If you’re out of suggestions, we got your back! We’ve selected 6 date ideas for you and your little one during the long summer days, full of joy and sunshine.


1. Enjoy some planting

Who doesn't love flowers? They’re a great way to spend some time alone with your kid and can be educational as well. You can turn this into a tradition, as flowers need every day maintaining. 

You can go shopping for seeds and let your little one choose! After that, you will have to prepare your pots and soil, or if you’re planting directly in the garden – to prepare the ground. Don’t be scared to get dirty! We promise you’re going to have a lot of fun together!    


2. Go for a walk in nature

Going for a walk when the weather is good is one of the best activities you can do with your toddler! You can pick out an interesting destination and consider sightseeing as well. Enjoying nature can be so energizing, so explore new places and have fun while doing so!

If your child loses interest quickly or can hardly stay concentrated, motivate him! You can add in some small challenges. Such as collect 10 yellow flowers or find 10 pinecones to make it exciting and reward him with some treats every time he completes a challenge. Or try to raise his curiosity with stories about the place (You are most welcome to make up your own fun story!) If you consider hiking, you must have the right equipment. Pack up some snacks and water as you may find yourself hungry and thirsty along the way. You can even have your little picnic when you reach your destination!


3. Have a yummy brunch!

Apart from having a delicious brunch with your besties, you can also have one with your sweetheart! Who doesn’t love burgers with fries, pancakes, and ice cream? And one mimosa for us, please!

You can choose the place together – whether it be a restaurant or a café and if they have a summer garden – even better! This way, you will be able to enjoy the good weather while eating and having fun.

Most restaurants offer a wide variety of brunch options – vegan, gluten-free, or just traditional. This way, you won’t be worried if there’s anything not suitable for your little one. But to be sure, check the menu before heading to the place.


4. Go on a shopping trip

Sarah J. Parker said: “Shopping is my cardio!” and we couldn’t relate more! If you didn’t find any time for shopping because you were too busy, this is your sign to take a day off and go to the mall with your precious one.

You may think that shopping with an energetic toddler may not be a good idea. It may be true, but if you make it fun and let him choose and decide what clothes he likes best, it can be a fantastic and learning experience, imparting a good lesson of decision-making. In other words, you hit two rabbits with one shot.

After that, you can get some ice cream and coffee (and something lighter for your precious one) to celebrate the good shopping tour!

Going grocery shopping together is also a great idea! It can be educational for your little one, as he learns food in general – such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. It will be a whole new world for him and definitely – an unforgettable experience!


5. Backyard stargazing

Stargazing is one thing everyone should try at least once in a lifetime! It is accessible for most people, and this way, you can introduce your kids to the astronomy world.

It would be best if you considered going out in the right conditions – when there’re no clouds and little or no moonlight at all. You will need about half an hour for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, so be patient.

You can set up a tent for you and your little one, where you can lay in comfort and eat some popcorns as well. You can bring some stargazing tools such as a sky map, binoculars or telescope, and a notebook for your toddler to do some sketches of what you both saw. If you want, you can even spend the whole night in the backyard!


6. Go to the nearest beach or swimming pool

Beach or the swimming pool is probably the number one go-to place for the summer! Cooling down the summer heat with the cool water and milkshake on your hand, ain't that a dream?

Your little one will definitely have a splish-splash of excitement, but if your kid is not a fan- yet. Introduce it slowly. You can bring a fun and interactive floaty to distract him. And eventually, he will conquer the fear, and the giggles and fun shall begin!

And don't forget the cardinal rule-SPF lotion! Sun protection is a must for both you and your child! You don't want to get sunburned now, do you?



Kids are challenging, and each has a unique personality that needs attention and recognition. It’s tough to do all that in the busy world we live in. As probably you have heard so many times, spending one-on-one quality time with your sweetheart is the greatest gift you can give to them. Creating beautiful memories together that you and your little one would cherish forever. And summer is just the perfect time to be out and about as you can do so many things with your toddler!

With our summer date ideas, we want to encourage all the mommies out there (and not only) to take a day off and create lasting memories.


What are your go-to summer date ideas with your little darlings? Share with us in the comments below: