10 Very Kids-Friendly Easter Activities

10 Very Kids-Friendly Easter Activities 11Apr

Do you have any plans for Easter? Not yet? Well, we've got some fun activities up our sleeve that we would like to share.

Appropriate for both younger and older children, they teach art and develop creativity. Let's hop in!


Decorate an Easter Tree

Source: Dolly Dowsie


Easter, just like Christmas, deserves its own tree.

Many fallen branches can be seen around the park, pick up a few on your way home and use them as the base for your Easter tree. You can even paint them in any color that you wish. White suits best, as it makes the decorations stand out.

Next, get some blank plastic eggs and create the ornaments. They come with a string, so all you need to do is paint. Homemaking blown egg ornaments is another and more ecological way to go.

Prepare all sorts of other decorations, too - leaves, flowers, gems. Make this tree come to life!


Plant a Garden

Source: Family Garden Life


And talking about flowers, what more spring thing to do than plant a garden.

Get a planter box and some potting mix. Find the seeds you would like to plant. Salad leaves, spinach, sunflowers, and sweet pea are among the fastest-growing.

Consider planting some carrots for the Easter Bunny, too!


Craft Easter Magnets



Use the template above to create your own magnificent Easter magnets for the fridge.

Paint with pencils and glue buttons, beads, and beans to give it a three-dimensional look. When dried and ready, stick thin magnetic squares at the back and attach. Gorgeous!


Make Egg Lollies

Source: RattanDirect

Melt your favorite types of chocolate on a stovetop. Then, spread a sheet of baking paper, and pour the thick liquid over some skewers shaping an egg. Sprinkle with edible glitter, stars, and sugar pearls, and leave to cool down for two hours in the fridge. A fun and yummy Easter treat and decoration for the festive table!


Spy with your Little Eye

Source: Harvard Health Publishing

I spy with my little eye is a game that never gets old. Download Ala.org’s amazing template and go spying around the house and outside.

You can even organize a competition in the neighborhood, get into teams and see who will be the fastest! Definitely, a lovely way to spend a sunny spring afternoon.


Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Source: Ella Claire & Co


Another fun afternoon activity for the whole family to enjoy is Pin the tail on the bunny.

Get an A1 or A2 size of paper and draw a bunny. After that, cut out a circle for the tail and put a piece of double-coated tape on its back.

Put the bunny on the wall and invite the rest to participate.

See who will manage to put the tail to the bunny first. Maybe give a price to the winner, too!


Discover Easter’s Miracle Eggs

Source: Fun Learning For Kids

All you will need for this craft is a white crayon and watercolor paint. Help your little one with the drawing of the Easter eggs. They will appear almost invisible on the paper. Then paint over them with the watercolors. See how the eggs will magically reveal. A nice art experiment!

P.S. If you are missing a white crayon, use a candle instead. It works just the same.


Create Easter Puppets

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Easter puppets can be used for playing, as well as for decoration.

You will need craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Draw the heads of a bunny, chicken, and all other characters you would like to make.

Glue them on the tip of the craft sticks and wrap the pipe cleaners to create their bodies. Voila! Your puppets will be ready in no time.


Make Easter Cake Pops

Source: My Mommy Style

Finally, the Easter Bunny is no Santa, but he still needs his treat! These delicious cake pops will do the job.

If you are not into baking, you can buy a cake from the store. And here comes the fun part. Usually, playing with food should not be allowed, but this recipe required it. Get your little one to help you with mashing the cake. A smooth and thick mixture must be formed at the end.

Shape the dough into carrots around some skewers and dip in melted chocolate.

If you want to get that bright orange color, you can melt white chocolate and add a few drops of food coloring.

Once you are done, put the pops in the fridge for a few hours and leave a couple for the Easter Bunny to munch during his journey delivering eggs.


Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Source: Allrecipes

With Easter fast approaching, it's time for you to dye the Easter eggs.

Instead of using artificial dyes, try using different plants and spices. The experience for your toddler will be much more interesting if you do so.

Boil beetroot and add the water to a jar. Insert the eggs and leave them for an hour or two. A beautiful red color will eventually cover the eggshell.

Do the same with onion peels, you will receive an orange color. For yellow, boil a few tablespoons of turmeric. Cabbage leaves will give a vivid cyan color, and hibiscus tea petals green.

Note that the dying might not happen as fast as with artificial colors would, but witnessing the natural process is far more educational and rewarding.


Final Thoughts

Easter is one of the most meaningful holidays, set in the most beautiful of all seasons. Enjoy the loveliness of the awakening nature, the warming weather, and the comfort of each other's company.

Your little one will grow to appreciate those moments most.